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I heard this one song at the gym and it's so good for working out, I've literally looked everywhere and can't find it. Hi im looking for a song that goes "im out of sight" but out of mind keep your man hes doing fine while im on the grind its on a jake paul vlog called jake paul confronts lil xnax and the song starts at like if anyone knows your awesome.

Do you remember the genre? I don't like the drugs you slipped me. It's effect on my heart and my mind is guilty. The way you rule my mind just give me back what's mine. It was a modest hit in Knoxville on the "alternative" station in Knoxville. I have been trying to find the name of this song for years. It's an acoustic song, male singer, really simple guitar intro and the lyrics are about a girl who has moved away, or something. I'm pretty sure one line has to do with them hating the cold weather. Thank you so much if you can help me.

Something like that??? Hi, I'm looking for a song in which a woman sings something like: Haaaaaapy Biiiiiiiiirthdaaaay, than a man says something like: come come come come come along, I'm looking for this song for 15 years without success. There's some sick rap song with in the name of love as part of some chorus in a rap song.

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I've been hearing it lately, does anyone know it? I am looking for a song: "I'm so something a ja ja, you're so something a ja ja.. I'm so happy that I found a song that I was looking for, for 2 months! It's called "strangers" by biosphere. I just typed a few words that I remember from the song and it showed! Thanks so much. I'm looking for a 80's song which is a bit upbeat and has got a part saying "dududududu".

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Looking for a song that I heard watching a glass engraving video. Got some of the lyrics. Good Luck And Thankyou! Looking for a song as a soundtrack in Canal Street movie with lyrics below. Help me to find the right words to say I just want to fly with healing stars Too many battles no strength to fight. Looking for this song. Very alternative like and sung by a male. I try to find a song with lyrics I hope I heard it correctly "come to see the night, turn off the light, everything is I couldn't understand all of the words because I'm no native english speaker.

And this song sounds like from 80s I suppose. Hi there, I'm trying to find an electro type song which is in English and French. I think one line is something like 'each kills the other'? I heard it in a pub and it's driving me mad! Find song by lyrics Page 5 Look for a song by its lyrics. Jo Alizabeth 17 October Reply Do you know the title? Lisa L. Rica 17 October Reply Hi!

Charmaine Smith Ladd 17 October Reply There is a song that was popular a couple years or so ago or so that has a hook that sounds like he's singing " Cool 17 October Reply I looked for a song I saw on YouTube I listened to her, but I did not see her in the record, a picture of a blonde girl wearing black tonsils and pink skirt, and sitting on the trunk of a tree, says the singer at the beginning of another girl, please help.

Felipe Ribeiro 24 October Reply Maybe? Tria 04 November Reply What do you mean by "black tonsils"? You can't wear tonsils, they're part of your throat. Anonymous 04 November Reply you don't know - justine skye and wizkid. Anonymous 20 October Reply What about long damn time. But thanks. MikeJ 18 October Reply Hi. Nevaeh Jackson 18 October Reply Help!

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Anonymous 24 October Reply It's definitely not we didn't start the fire. Alice 18 October Reply Looking for a song that has lyrics about walking back to pico in the rain as in pico blvd in LA. Emily 19 October Reply A male voice, not along of background instruments. Anonymous 26 October Reply je moeder. Too vague 19 October Reply Looking for a a song name. Anonymous 19 October Reply I'm looking for this song.

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Sara Manzone 19 October Reply I'm trying to find a song between , sang by a black man or duo. Ahlem smile 19 October Reply I am looking for a song says I do my best i never ask i do my best yeaaa Somthing like that!! Tracey jenkins 24 October Reply Rolling stones , almost hear you sigh. Could possibly be. Nelka 19 October Reply I'm looking for a song says "Pick up the top, do you know what is to justo to fall in love".

Anonymous 02 November Reply Neither do I- stwo. Lorenzo 19 October Reply Need to know the name of a song. Anonymous 26 October Reply No, but thanks anyway. Tony 20 October Reply looking for a song that says "baby i'll give you a chance". Zachary Ferris 20 October Reply Im looking for a song that goes like this love that's crazy she got a mountain of babies talking so much lately wanna get married maybe or somthing like that I found it in a song by Dr.

Anonymous 27 October Reply same i've already heard the beginning part, im looking 4 it.

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  8. Austin 20 October Reply Looking for a song, not sure if these are the correct lyrics but, it goes baby where you wanna go where you wanna go yeah wheeeere you going yeeeeah eeeeyeaaah. NingNing 20 October Reply I need a little help with this one. Anonymous 20 October Reply Can anyone help me find this song. Anonymous 20 October Reply I'm trying to find a song it's a electronic song like a DJ made it and a whole bunch sounds and there this black lady saying something but I forgot.

    Rocky 20 October Reply Looking for a song idk the name of.

    Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do (Official Video)

    IP 20 October Reply does anyone know a song that is sung by a girl in a soft voice, the melody is very repetitive and simple, the lyrics are very hard to understand, because she's almost mumbling it, and then at the chorus it goes something like 'it's over or it's all love, or it's our love, or some other similar thing ' and repeats that line like 6 times at least.

    Anonymous 27 October Reply Jocelyn Enriquez - Do you miss me freefloor mix this was a Florida breakbeats classic though she is from Cali. Wat 28 October Reply if it's the one i'm thinking of it's wild girl by "kito, empress of". Andy 28 October Reply All love by fletcher. Anonymous 28 October Reply Hey Guys! Thank you so much, but I found it already! It was Sharon van Etten - Our Love. Phu Vuong 20 October Reply I'm looking for the song with the lyrics "someday I look in the mirror Anonymous 20 October Reply Excuse me, my friend is looking for a song about a gf singing to her dead bf and she believes that the lyrics go As I listen to this song I dance along But I can't find anything.

    Annie Hall 20 October Reply Hey, can you help me with this one? Anonymous 20 October Reply I'm looking for song with lyrics, i know its old song Kritika 28 October Reply Song is 'bilionera' by ottilia. Vinkar 27 October Reply Girls like you maroon5. Anonymous 28 October Reply Avril Lavigne girlfriend? Anonymous 28 October Reply Nickelback.

    2. Savage Garden -

    Katie Kat 31 October Reply What's up by 4 non blondes? Anonymous 01 November Reply No. Emily e 02 November Reply Hey soul sister- train? Anonymous 09 November Reply OutKast - hey ya. Anonymous 28 October Reply tell me why- wynonna. Anakin 21 October Reply Looking for a song that goes like I know your mother raise you right --Oh this life was just two of us Oohh i just want you to to my self ooh ooh. Anonymous 26 October Reply Sounds like Garbage- 1 crush.

    P.S. I Love You

    Raphael Almeida 21 October Reply Hi! Anonymous 24 October Reply walk on the wildside - lou reed. Ali 28 October Reply I think it's seven nation army. Try it for 30 days FREE. You must be logged in to view your newly purchased content.

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