1800 SAT, GRE and ASVAB Words you should Know! (SAT, GRE and Other Standardized tests Word List)

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First, many tests have only one or a few norm groups. This practice forces users to base their interpretation on the most relevant norm group rather than on a directly relevant norm group.

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Sometimes a relevant norm group that matches the gender, cultural background, or ethnic heritage of an examinee is not available, so the user is forced to make the best interpretation possible under the circumstances. Second, the expense of obtaining norm groups also means that some published norm groups are not current. Each cohort of examinees is born into a world that differs in important respects from the preceding cohort.

The accuracy and usefulness of normative interpretations of test results declines as the norm group becomes more and more dated. While almost all aptitude and ability tests are standardized, the typical classroom achievement test is nonstandardized. Generally, scores of nonstandardized tests are reported in terms of the percentage of items answered correctly and are interpreted in terms of a predetermined standard e. Two advantages of criterion-referenced tests are that the scores obtained on such tests are inherently meaningful and no artificial constraints are imposed on the number of examinees that can perform at a given level.

Most achievement, aptitude, and ability tests can be administered to a single person or to a group of individuals.

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Historically, the option to administer the test to a group was essential for tests such as the SAT, ACT, and GRE that are taken by hundreds of thousands of people each year. However, in some instances the information that can be obtained from behavioral observations made by a psychologist while administering the test to an individual is quite important.

Although more costly and time-consuming, the option of an individualized administration of the test is important. This option is more likely to be desirable when administering a test to children, adolescents, and individuals with learning disabilities or other problems that might interfere with their performance on the test. Some tests, particularly intelligence tests designed to measure cognitive abilities, are designed exclusively for individual administration. In the last decade, an additional option for test administration has emerged: computer administration of the test.

Computer administration combines the advantage of economic administration to large numbers of individuals with the possibility of some behavioral observations during the administration of the test. For example, response latencies i. Furthermore, tests based on item response theory can tailor the test to the ability level of the examinee. Computer administration is now the primary option for some tests. For example, the GRE is administered by computer to examinees in the United States, Canada, and many other areas of the world unless special arrangements are made for a paper-based administration.

This trend will likely accelerate, and it is likely that most widely used standardized tests will provide an option for computer administration within a decade. Hundreds of scales have been developed to measure various facets of achievement, aptitude, and ability.

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Numerous tests focus on specific content areas such as spatial, mathematical, verbal, and motor skills. Many tests that measure a single cognitive or motor skill provide an alternate and in some instances a more precise measure of the skills measured by the multi-aptitude batteries and intelligence tests.

Despite this amazing variety of options, most of the leading tests assess the same select set of skills. Although the specific name of the skill varies from test to test and subtle differences exist among similarly named tests, the constructs measured by the various tests are quite similar. The following sections describe some of the most frequently measured cognitive and motor skills and some of the composite scores obtained by combining information about these skills. Verbal Aptitude : The ability to understand the meanings of words, sentences, and paragraphs and to use them effectively.

Measures of this skill assess how well an examinee understands ideas expressed in words and how clearly he or she can reason with words. Some tests include separate subscales to measure components of verbal knowledge. The SB5 also includes the test Verbal Relations. Numerical Aptitude : The ability to understand ideas expressed in numbers. Tests include some combination of items that assess numerical computation i.

Scales that assess aspects of this skill are variously titled Arithmetic, Equation Building, Numerical Ability, and Quantitative, among others. Spatial Aptitude : The ability to visualize or form mental images of solids from looking at plans on a flat piece of paper. Some items require people to look at a diagram and determine how an object would look in three-dimensional space if it were completed.

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Others ask respondents to look at a picture or drawing of a completed object and visualize in three-dimensional space how that object would look if it were rotated into a different position. Abstract Reasoning : The ability to understand ideas that are presented without using words or numbers. Tests of abstract reasoning present problems in terms of size, shape, position, or quantity using pictures, shapes, patterns, or some other nonverbal, non-numerical form.

Scales measuring spatial aptitude measure one aspect of this ability. This completely updated fifth edition includes real TOEFL test questions for practice, as well as explanations of all four sections of the test. The guide provides learners with information on how to integrate reading, listening, speaking and writing skills in order to construct effective answers that demonstrate university-level English proficiency. Guarantee your mastery of psychiatric mental health nursing knowledge while honing your critical-thinking and test-taking skills.

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1800 SAT, GRE and ASVAB Words you should Know! (SAT, GRE and Other Standardized tests Word List)

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