Ahora o nunca (Mira) (Spanish Edition)

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All right, all right, watch the TV. Oscar, look at the television. Now look at the TV. Look at the TV in the background:. Well, I figure if I play something on the TV , he'll stay up better. I can't get a good look when you're looking at the TV. Now please just sit and read something or watch TV.

I mean, you watch television , but you don't think it will ever Snapchat provides brands with a channel to access the Millennials, an audience that does not watch television. Prop your laptop on our work desk and type away while you watch TV. Go lie down in Danny's bed and watch TV. She only watches television at night, because the two soap operas are very good, both the Brazilian and the Cuban.

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Limit the number of TV-watching hours:. The exact reason for this link is fairly complex, but reduced physical activity and the tendency to eat more while watching TV are likely culprits.

¡Qué coñazo!

Sinopsis: Water Buffalo is built around two intertwined stories: one, a TV soap opera; the other, the story of a young girl watching TV at home in Saigon. The foyer is laid out as a large reception area where, in addition to the breakfast room, you will also find an American bar, where guests can enjoy a refreshment, pre-dinner drink, or even an ice cream while listening to music or watching TV.

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Register to see more examples Register Connect. Suggest an example. The real meaning is the male goat.

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Female is cabra and male is cabron. But slang use is far more common.

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  • Depending on countries it seems to have somehow different but similar meanings. A good definiton that would apply in almost all Spanish speaking countries would be asshole-fucker-bitch. In some places the word also means a person that is not with his partner.

    Translation of "Do you fancy me" in Spanish

    Example: Se fue de cabron. He went to fuck around. In this way it always has the connotation that he is looking for an affair.

    Ese cabron me robo la moto. Cabron unknown. Juan: " Yo soy muy cabron!

    The old adage is: to put the horns on, or make a cuckold of. See Shakespeare.

    Words don’t make sense unless you understand their context

    This refers specifically to a wife cheating on her husband. The hand gesture of this is using extended fingers to mimic horns on the forehead. The infamous "goat" sign. The hand gesture is the first and fourth fingers extended, the others tucked in so as to make horns at someone.

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    Later on, both "keras" and "cornu" came to be slang terms for the penis in Greek and Latin, and " corno " still is in Italian. To put the horns on a husband is not only to be his sexual surrogate, but also to reduce him to a passive and ineffectual role. Generally, this is an insult though close friends can call each other 'cabron' with impunity , as long as they smile when they say it that refers to a man cuckolded by his partner. Hey, cabron