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It is here that the vision for his non-profit, Remote Area Medical, was born when he suffered an accident from one of the horses and was 26 days away on foot from the nearest medical care. The series became one of the most watched television shows in the United States, with more than 32 million weekly viewers. The show highlighted animals in their natural habitat and raised awareness of the environment.

The later two films are classified as "Action Movies" and were productions of legendary Hollywood producer Ivan Tors. The Corner Bar was the only comedy film Stan performed in.

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He wrote various articles for magazines, including Readers Digest and Outdoor Life. The organization's services primarily include dental, vision, and medical examinations.

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RAM veterinary care extends to companion animals, providing basic spay and neuter practices. There is also an international disaster relief portion of RAM that serves areas affected.

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In August , RAM operated temporary medical clinic in Los Angeles , offering free dental, vision, and medical treatment to thousands of Americans without medical insurance coverage. He spends days a year at the charity events, sleeping on a small rolled-up mat on the floor and living on a diet made up entirely of porridge and fresh fruit. The Independent also noted that Brock was married before establishing RAM and that the marriage collapsed as a result of Brock's obsessive dedication to the cause.

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Bicycle For those who want to bike it, Alaska offers a variety of cycling adventures on paved roads under the Arctic sun that allows you to peddle until midnight if you want. Stan notes that in the United States one of the blockades to providing rapid volunteer medical disaster response is the state specific licensing that limits the ability of qualified physicians working with voluntary relief organizations from deploying to areas of need without delay.

He has worked tirelessly to make changes in legislation so that talented medical professionals can exercise their skills, perhaps outside of their state of licensure, to save lives and provide healing during times of disaster.

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Thus far, eleven states have made changes in laws which facilitate out-of-state licensed medical professionals in providing urgent medical care during times of disasters. Stan feels that lifting restrictions across the entire United States would provide a big boost to medical volunteerism during national disasters. In his approximately 30 years of providing no-cost medical care during times of natural disasters, he expresses that all too often, he has been disappointed by having available qualified licensed practitioners ready to serve, only to be turned away by some regulatory governing body.

An area where breakthroughs have been made was in the RAM response to the Nepal earthquake. During this disaster, he was able to coordinate with WHO and local authorities to provide a team within 4 days of the event. Although some major injuries may have already been addressed by this time, many other needs that resulted from the disaster remained such as basic medical care, routine medications, shelter, basic living supplies, food, and water.

RAM has worked to obtain recognition as a disaster response resource in advance so that teams can more readily be deployed to the area. RAM was effective in providing disaster relief to victims of one of the worst earthquakes in history which claimed the lives of over 20, people in Haiti. The selection of team leaders is also a major determinant of a successful mission. Ideally the team leader is familiar with the disaster region and has connections to the area.