Beer Money: A Burr Ashland Mystery

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For such interested readers many of the best Dan Ames books have been published as low-cost editions and are being sold at lower prices in all the leading online as well as offline book shops. In the best Dan Ames books, as far back as her mom passed on, the sixteen-year-old Italian young lady has watched over her unruly more youthful kin without protest. At World War II, she sees the most unpleasant wickedness ever seen. At the point when a history educator at Marquette University is killed, Private Investigator Burr Ashland goes up against the case.


Burr's examination dives him into a rough battle not simply between the present and the past, but rather amongst great and shrewdness. Private Investigator John Rockne is resolved to discover who is in charge of the ruthless murder of a young fellow in Grosse Pointe in the list of books by Dan Ames. An executioner referred to just as The Spook needs to keep reality covered for eternity. At the point when the youthful little girl of a great Senator is hijacked from a shopping center in Iowa in the best Dan Ames books series, her dad brings in his old companion, resigned FBI profiler Wallace Mack.

Tower is sent to the Wyoming boomtown of Big River, where a youthful evangelist has been violently killed, his executed body left in a little valley known as Killer's Draw. It rapidly ends up clear that nobody needs to discuss the minister. His body turned in the air, became perfectly vertical. He hit standing up. The force of the fall drove him to the ground.

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  • His legs, cracked and broken, folded beneath him. He knew something was wrong. That his body didn't work. And that it would never work again.

    He thought then of his ex-wife, snapshots from the honeymoon in Jamaica. The first house on Huron Street. A few good years and then the beginning of the end of the marriage.

    Beer Money by Dani Amore and Dan Ames - on Bookshelves

    A slow dissolve to black. A door banged open in the distance. Footsteps approached. Crunched on the pieces of glass. He heard moaning and realized it was coming from somewhere deep in his chest, bubbling in his throat. He ran his tongue over his cracked lips. Tasted the salt from the sidewalk.

    The visions of his ex-wife left him and now he thought of Julie. Her green eyes. Her smile.

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    Her laugh. She was his new lease on life. In the dim recess of his mind where logical thought hadn't yet been extinguished, he understood the current irony of that thought. A small cluster of agony rose within him. He just wished he could say good-bye to Julie. A low fog began to drift over the image in his mind, and through it, he saw a figure standing before him. The dying man heard something metallic.

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    Tried to place the sound. Something to do with a gun. I watched the bartender pour me another beer. How many had I had? Who said that? Her name was Kimmie. The bartender. Not the beer.

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    Kimmie smiled and I thought she was awfully cute. Which was strange, because I seemed to recall only yesterday that she sort of looked like a cross between Fidel Castro and an alpaca. Kimmie nodded and moved off to take the orders of a couple of newly arrived customers. I tried to remember if I had any appointments the next morning. No, I did not. And then I tried to remember if I had any appointments at all the next day. I looked at my glass. How could it be half gone already? Damn beer thieves, they were the worst. I quickly drank the rest before the thieves returned and ordered another.

    This would be my last. As I was signing the bill and appreciating the beauty of the new beer, so much sexier than the old beer, my cell phone buzzed. I had been a defensive back and my coach had liked the way I attached myself to the opponent's wide receivers. If you didn't have something to worry about, you couldn't survive. It'd be like Mother Theresa suddenly deciding she needed to pamper herself for a change. And worried. Fred was a sweet guy; there was no getting around it. I read once that altruism is the highest form of human development.