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Found Buried Gold, What to do?

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Excerpt from GedichteAbout the PublisherForgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. It was incredible, like an Indiana Jones movie. Is it true that if you report this than the government will take it away for themselves or store it in a historic museum or something, because it's not really "yours"?

Not that we care that it's not ours How do we sell this, has anyone else been in a situation like this?

If I were you I would look up what the local law says about the subject, and hope you get to keep the gold, else just don't tell anyone! Originally Posted by Weightless. Quick dude run, the Leprechaun's gonna steal your golds. If you really did find it though, there're plenty of places that'll buy gold about, just don't sell it in big quantities to one dealer, you'd have to be a herp derp to sell it all at once to one guy.

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Hell, you could even try ebay. Last edited by Ashcrack; at We found crates of left over Nazi gold bars in our backyard when we were setting up out new septic tank too a couple of years ago, but the laws in Norway required us to report it to the government. The bars are today displayed at our local museum with my family name attached to it, pictures and all. Also, depending on where you live, the government may not have any authority over this gold. Found gold and silver is usually classed as belonging to the crown, and it is not clear whether the finder has received permission to remove it.

The largest gold nugget previously found in British waters was discovered in Cornwall in and weighed 59g. The brothers had taken over the foundry in under its original name Rudhard, and they led it to an astonishing bloom, culturally and, for many years, also economically. The foundry was prominent in the so-called fractur fonts, but also visualizing the transition between Historism, Art Nouveau and New Objectivity.

Steiner, Heinrich [WorldCat Identities]

Wiemeler was solicitated for many exhibitions in Germany, France, Great Britain etc. The focus will be more on the design than on the execution but you can be sure that it has always been exquisitely executed with high quality materials. As the website germandesigner. Very much influenced by the English romantic bookbinders, especially for the exquisite craftsmanship, Wiemeler has always been open to inspirations of his time.

Therefore I want to start with a very uncommon binding in pigskin with hand tooling from The composition of the cover is, despite its symmetry, full of dynamic movement due to the mountainlike zigzags and the multiple triangles pointing from the outer frames to the center, where an angular A for Alpha — the back cover has an O for Omega is pierced through by a cross, ending in simple stars.

The surface in between the tips is showing two vertical lines composed of curved segments, crossing, overlapping and opening up in diverse angles so that they emphasize the dynamic.


More typical for this early period are the bindings with a stylized floral pattern at the center of both boards, mirrored and sometimes showing curved lines, spirals or hatchings. The decoration does not fill the entire surface so that the structure of the leather shows all around. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Die Vier Jahreszeiten. First binding for Ernst Engel. Klingspor Museum. Handpressendruck von Ernst Engel , Offenbach am Main, The stringency or rigor of the bookbinding is colorfully contrasted by the lightness of the illustrations. Londenberg attributed the binding to the Klingspor Museum, but he probably inverted two numbers.


It shows fine lines for the branches and a very lightly repartition of stylized flowers and leaves. The inside of the box from the Klingspor Museum shows the dedication and the fantastic execution by Wiemeler as well as the ever-surprising silk lining he seemed to like. And that, let me add a personal remark, is sometimes quite irritating as a contrast of material and color. More rigid are some variations of the framework plus, sometimes more, sometimes less abstract floral center pattern in the two works from KL 41 The Romance of Sir Isumbras , pigskin binding from a private collection and the KL 49 Te Deum Laudamus at Klingspor Museum, a small booklet bound in a red morocco leather, as well as one in yellow with gilded tooled decorations.

To me, these bindings seem inspired by architectural elements in the borders running all around, and with the corresponding ridges on the spine, a small volume appears rather monumental.

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Ten years later, Wiemeler comes back to the combination of framework and central floral motifs with Essays from Francis Bacon , How to interpret this incomplete message? I repeat: in , the then director of the Technische Lehranstalten had asked Wiemeler to come to Offenbach, the center of the German leather goods industry, to give them fresh impetus after the war. Hugo Eberhardt had huge expectations, but in this Wiemeler failed.

A History of German Literature

He tried hard but his beautiful, and so sophisticated, designs were not to be produced in an industrial process. The elements we meet in KL 4 Big casket, red leather, gilded tooled decoration from are exquisite red leather and a simple cubic form that diminishes towards the pyramidal feet.

The golden lines are not parallels but radials that cut around a floral pattern. Let me insert two bindings at this point, as their style seems rather close. KL 90 Benvenuto Cellini.