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Would a Dr see a patient dying and not try to help them. Would a life guard see a swimmer drowning and not aid them. Would a mom see their child in danger and not save them. Browse All Media Related Media. Talk about it Nobody has commented yet. Be the first! Join the discussion. Sign in to leave a comment.

An Introduction to Evangelism Part 1

Your Viewing History Browse All. It was going to be a Complete Guide to Soul-Winning , and I spent hours and hours compiling notes from other books on the subject. I was a devoted kid.

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It all seemed so simple in the beginning. And if they were skeptics or followers of other religions, well, it seemed simple enough to prove them wrong and guide them to the truth. I talked to some of them for years, and at least one of them got fed up with my attempts.

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Is the Gospel about justification only or also things like physical healing? And how do faith and works fit together anyway? To put it another way, I think of evangelism as a great World-Saving Machine, kind of like a tank, sitting in a clearing in the middle of a forest. Now, I do have a few definite opinions. If the Bible is true as I believe it is , then evangelism is important. The most obvious reason is that the majority of the human race is lost and on its way to hell, to put it bluntly.

The panic involved is tempered by other considerations, such as the gentleness and patience of God, but the urgency is still there in the background. We need to allow our hearts to feel what Jesus feels and be moved with compassion. We are called to occupy the earth and impact every sphere of society until Jesus comes.

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It is true that as the reign and peace of Jesus continually increase Isaiah , we can expect His Church to grow and become brighter, even if the world gets darker. Every person who has ever lived will have to stand before Jesus and give an account. If the world exists for another 10, years—individual existence is only for a short period of time. There is no fallback plan.

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Therefore, the onus is on us to present Jesus in such a way that His beauty and love are unmistakable to seeking hearts. We want people to move from being unreached to reached and meet Jesus face to face.

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Jesus sent out His disciples to reach the lost and heal the sick, and He commissioned the Church to be His witness to the uttermost parts of the world. It is an urgent task of the Church, and unfortunately, it often goes neglected. A revival without souls is merely a renewal; we cannot have true revival without souls.