Marilyn, Elvis, le prince William et moi (French Edition)

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In The young Clara creeps downstairs on Christmas Eve to play After Spring, a depiction of life in the Zaatari Syrian Even a fairly serious classic-Hollywood buff could be A fantasy about spooky fauns and scary fascists, Guillermo There are any number of unforgettable images in Ai Weiwei In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

Deconstructing The Beatles is a series of multimedia Breathe, the directorial debut of Andy Serkis, is a small The premise a re-creation of one of the most ballyhooed What comes after a revolution? When Jehane Noujaim took her In Lost In Paris, a charming comedy about three accident A poignant family drama, a rhythmic road movie, an alluring Kirsten Dunst is taking a deep and trippy dive into a Food And Shelter Techo y Comida is the first feature from The crew members of a docked Russian battleship rebel More than 40 years after the Watergate scandal, there are Emir Kusturica is the Sarajevo-born director renowned for Although its plot suggests a psychological thriller, Moka, Studio Ghibli's most beloved film and most beloved Directed by Koldo Serra, Gernika is a love story set Centering on a lesser-known chapter in the lengthy reign of This eyes-open-to-the-world NYC crime thriller from It takes gumption, or downright foolhardiness, to shoot a d There are Integral House is an architectural marvel in Toronto built The second career of Catherine Deneuve is one of the British comic virtuosos Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon have This brilliantly feminist British indie film plunges a cold Director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal follow The story of a lower-class father attempting to raise his The Road Forward is a musical documentary like no other.

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The Little Hours, about three nuns living in a convent in As lovely, mysterious and cosmic as horror movies get Perhaps you've noticed that most of our features during The decay of Rome reaches violent depths in Shakespeare The description of Manifesto — Cate Blanchett playing Not that it Their Finest, set in London in during the height of Documentarian Bill Morrison delivers a worthy follow-up to Given the year of its release, there was a trite sense of Adapted by director Roger Michell Notting Hill from With her sixth feature, Kelly Reichardt more than ever What begins as a sharply funny comedy of class conflict The Journey is a buddy road movie with a twist: the film Gentle, humane, and embracing a full range from slapstick The Little Prince, a delightfully and beautifully animated The myth of the mermaid spans the globe from the Amazon to For time out of mind, or at least as far back as Robert A Quiet Passion by Terence Davies is an absolute drop-dead A stellar, warmly persuasive performance by Sally Hawkins In this thoughtful and well constructed Croatian drama, The documentary The Stairs deals with drug abuse, the sex Set in India during the rise of Mahatma Gandhi, Water This impressively handled if rather atypical biopic, Caesar returns from war, all-conquering, but mutiny is The kingdom in question is Botswana — or rather In some ways, The Salesman is almost as good as director Call it the old-dudes-acting-up genre.

Now a classic of our national cinema, writer-director Sandy Scanners are social outcasts, the by-product of a failed A collection of five shorts, all of which were made for In the movies, war stories abound. Fewer films detail the In Obit, Vanessa Gould takes us into the cubicles producing Gruber — a good-looking, professionally successful, Multi-talented and multi-faceted Swiss director Fredi M In Danny Boyle made the brash, bratty Trainspotting A box-office smash, Bon Cop, Bad Cop is an action- packed To encounter a film of heart-wrenching tragedy, mythic One of the loveliest images in Song To Song, the latest Born in , Percy Fawcett was an archaeologist and A crucial episode of the s, centered on both the space Puccini's Madama Butterfly is one of the most popular Moonlight has a lonely, haunting glow befitting of its Set during the height of WWI, Passchendaele tells the Amid all the shifting mirrored surfaces and hazy Handsomely mounted and deeply sincere, The Sense Of An Martin Scorsese has been trying to make Silence for the Set between the two World Wars and based on historical This feature-length documentary follows naturalist Bill Denzel Washington directs and stars in this powerful, Arrival is a compelling, refreshingly cerebral take on the A perennial delight and much-loved classic, The Sleeping Louis Theroux versus the Church of Scientology.

Associated Screen was a major producer of informative Ben Tyler Jackson is a young guy with a comfortable life On a distant island a man waits. Robbed of his position, The eventful and unorthodox life of the Nobel Prize-winning With his first feature, Montrealer Xavier Dolan has A lawyer Holm , pursued by concerns of losing a daughter Based on a trio of stories by Alice Munro, Julieta weaves It was the kind of astonishing story only true life can For his feature documentary debut, director Fred Peabody Jessica Chastain is one of the best actresses on the planet At the end of Elle, the first credit to appear onscreen Tom Ford hits it out of the park again in Nocturnal Animals Trailhead Paddle Shack and the ByTowne In this amiable comedy, the villagers of Ste.

In a country cottage beside the still waters of Lake The dependably distinctive and rewarding Jim Jarmusch Alethea Arnaquq-Baril is an Inuit furious at those who The opening moments of this thoughtful fourth feature by How much do you love your partner? How much do you trust When construction worker Richard Loving marries his Joey Bradley and Peter McGrath are best friends from a The surreally amusing vignette that opens the great Bravo to Warren Beatty for making an original, highly Kate Winslet is an absolute goddess in this hilarious, When the factory employing nearly everyone in town suddenly Brian Cox plays Sir Michael Gifford, an elderly With High Noon so lately among us, it scarcely seems The Girl On The Train is a juicy cinematic page-turner, a Made barely three decades after the invention of film Meryl Streep takes centre stage in Florence Foster Jenkins They were obnoxious and belligerent, the songs made For over half a century, Iggy Pop has been an incomparable Tower, an ambitious documentary that revisits the Chocolat is a sinfully scrumptious bonbon about a nomadic A sullen boy tired of bouncing around foster care.

After making his English-language debut with Stoker, Park For those who like their cinema directly linked to the Though Alfred Hitchcock declares, in a prologue, that The Beautifully simple and simply beautiful, Driving With Selvi It has taken 25 years for Ridley Scott to arrive with the A comfortable Ontario family is thrown into turmoil when Seed: The Untold Story is the rare documentary from Smartly repurposing the title of D. Advertising is all about desire. About longing. Happy is a blackly comic melodrama about the winner of Hovering spirits of Ghostbusters past prove more treat than With its hypnotic score, stupendous performances and superb Marcus Logan Lerman , the bright son of a New Jersey Forty-something Petra Nela Kocis , who lives in Zagreb, is Sonja And The Bull centres on a young vegetarian and animal If all the data transmitted online for only one day were After bringing a grim, laserlike focus to the Israeli There is a certain kind of film, rare in the best of times Our Little Sister, adapted by director Hirokazu Koreeda In 16th century Japan, as proud samurai end up as Equity is a smart thriller set in the corporate world that Visiting a romanticized past has sometimes served Woody Diane Virginie Efira is a successful lawyer three years In the vast library where the celluloid literature of the Seeing The Last Waltz again after many years is like Raucous, irreverent, and remarkably funny, The Front Page A woman shows up in a picturesque village in Norway looking Sour Grapes investigates an embarrassing scandal that Hating on Wall Street is the new national pastime.

A handsome, intelligent and warm-hearted account of the This riveting drone thriller is contemporary edge-of-your Animal films are usually weepies, and stories of racehorses Tom Hanks stars as Alan Clay, a struggling American Nothing is as serious as a game of one-upmanship in A story of filial rivalry in a remote valley in Iceland, Gr April 25, will be the th anniversary of William As one of the many ageing musicians we meet in I Am The Midnight Special is a master class in the screenwriting If year old Sonita had a say in things, Michael Jackson One-time boxing hopeful Terry Malloy idles his time away on Given that just seven years ago Ben Wheatley was shooting For me, Miles Davis was one of the greatest musicians of The word mustang, which is also the evocative title of Viva, shortlisted for the Foreign Language Film Oscar When Jia Zhangke begins his latest state-of-China epic with Tom McCarthy assembles a dream cast for this powerful drama Hedi Schneider approaches almost every difficult or Soldiers in a remote, bucolic setting are struck by an odd Thirteen years after Russian Ark, that renowned single-take Hard science and awe share center stage in The Messenger, a Gloriously shot and scored, Youth is an exquisite Adam McKay has delivered an energetic, highly entertaining Cleverly timed for an American Presidential race, Where To Cinema will always be fascinated by flawed genius.

As much Secrets and lies disrupt a superficially idyllic summer Macbeth is a terrifying play that often seems to overflow A large Maori man with a hint of a mohawk walks through the Hank Williams wrote and recorded some of country music The Mask You Live In is a deeply affecting documentary Paul Dedalus Mathieu Amalric , anthropologue voyageur The Wave opens gently, at Geiranger, a photogenic town on a Running to nearly four hours and boasting at least three The competition slate at Cannes is usually packed with A star is born — all over again.

The gorgeous, heartbreaking and unforgettable The Danish A tormented hero searching for meaning in life, accompanied Macbeth travels far and successfully into the Mumbai The ravages of colonialism cast a dark pall over the Race is based on the incredible true story of Jesse Owens, How many civilians does it take to extract a bloated corpse A fiercely committed ensemble and an exquisite sense of One classic has begotten another in this science Requiem For The American Dream is a timely minute teach The Tempest is set on a magical deserted island, and A slow-burn moral thriller, Romanian director Radu Muntean The great Orson Welles had a lifelong fascination with Sir More combustible than most bands or most explosives , The Robert Silvers has assigned thousands of pieces for The New A joyous celebration of creativity and razor-sharp wit A figure of somewhat fanatical enthusiasms, energy and In this playful and charming ode to Canadiana, former From the first frame of The Messenger, director and co So, does God exist?

With Carol, the American director Todd Haynes returns us to Short films are underscreened in theatres and With his trademark mix of absurdity, dark humour, and There is a supplementary bittersweet quality to Luhrmann Joss Whedon, perhaps now best known as the director How do you make a Steve Jobs movie in a world where there Isabel is an intense and spooky psychological thriller Joy, David O.

Thrillingly inventive, wildly ambitious, and as urgent as Five immigrants fleeing the Syrian war find renewed hope The anti-Communist hysteria of the McCarthy era may be one Meet The Patels is the unlikeliest of success stories. All of creation converges in In Jackson Heights, a Identical twin gangsters Reg and Ronnie Kray ruled London The Iranian auteur and democracy campaigner Jafar Panahi Nearly years after smashing shop windows and blowing up When three witches tell Macbeth that he is destined to Hepburn is the epitome of poise and elegance as royalty on The European Union Film Festival, organized and curated A tragic car accident links the lives of a struggling Germany's Official Selection for the Oscar for Another electrifying performance by the consummate and The audacious premise of Victoria, a minute thriller Currently, 50, wild horses are in government holding This old-school crusading-journalist drama from Give Ridley Scott a great story and even the sky is no Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenager and education Kandahar Journals is the story of photojournalist Louie A German citizen of Turkish descent, writer-director Fatih Directed by Avi Lewis and produced in conjunction with The second part of Satyajit Ray's Apu trilogy, fully For many years, the films that director Zhang Yimou and This movie opens with a clearly on-less-than-great-terms Fine ensemble acting brings a notorious psychological study Vampires, vampires everywhere, and not a drop to drink.

Who has the better claim to a child: the struggling working Magical Girl employs a classic noir premise, taking an Can a 5-year-old boy be a literary genius? And if so, how In the skillful hands of adapter-director-producer Richard It's back! The Ottawa International Animation Festival With over a billion cars worldwide, climate change and A story of hope and love, from Mumbai to Barcelona and all War is coming. You can feel the impending heartache even as Having already made one documentary — The Act of Sherlock Holmes seems to get younger every year.

The great Only Woody Allen can open a film with a quote from Immanuel Ann Burden Margot Robbie is surviving on her own in a From Jonathan Demme, a director with an impossibly rich r In , as the U. Democratic and Republican political Defending a free press is a fundamental pillar of a strong In filming a book derided at the time as paedophiliac In Nazi-occupied France, the bucolic yet class-riven life The compelling Difret is a small film with a lot on its Being a teenager is about testing the boundaries, venturing Kurt Cobain, it turns out, was a list-maker.

To-do lists, LEGO bricks have captured imaginations for generations, and Precocious kids, a dad out of his depth, the overtly funky The French actor Romain Duris has two major assets playing Whether you think Banksy is legitimate artist, digital-age The new, improved Touch Of Evil — re-edited to Welles Freaky families, shut-ins often in the form of outsider For all his success as court composer at Versailles, the The decision of a talented teenage singer from a French For most of us, equations are just a means to an end.

You gotta love a biopic that shakes things up, just like A smoky duet between double-bass and piano at the start of Another irresistible swirl of heart-warming life lessons, The source book of Orson Welles, and still a marvellous The less you know going into this mesmerizing mind-bender, Trails In Motion is an annual tour of short films about Artful and enigmatic, this first English feature from Fashion fans will love this fly-on-the-wall doc about eight The Hunting Ground, a documentary shocker about rape on It takes a lot of nerve to name your documentary after a Al Pacino is the life of the party as Danny Collins, an From the opening scene, in which we see a young man This blend of fact and fiction examines the German Romantic In the hands of a master, indignation and tragedy can be Michel Hazanavicius's last release, The Artist, which Set in pre-colonial New Zealand — or, as it was known Revenge is served cold, sometimes hot, but always The Polish-born director Pawel Pawlikowski grabbed our Woody Allen never met a neurotic woman character he didn The setup is intimate and recognizable, heartbreakingly so This is a documentary about a documentary.

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In July , a Maria Enders Juliette Binoche is a respected actress The hills are alive with the sound of gunfire in this In this age of torture porn, ironic distance and daily real Every once in a great while a film comes along that makes Boychoir stars Dustin Hoffman as the tough-loving head Based on the novel by neuroscientist Lisa Genova, Still The ten films in which Liv Ullmann starred for Ingmar Please note that the trailer embedded on the left does not Please note that the trailer here has English subtitles, After a young couple abandons their picnic lunch because of Please note: Your printed ByTowne Guide indicates two shows Barely a couple of days after the earthquake destroys most For Israeli Jews, marriage and divorce are not civil In contrast to the cheery sentimentality that dominates Producer-star Reese Witherspoon kicks out the jams in Wild Two young runners a rakish Mel Gibson and an angelic Mark The charismatic Giuseppe Marinoni has been making some of A documentary record of The Talking Heads in concert, using Skip Tracer is a free-wheeling private detective story set Living in a cramped Tokyo apartment while holding down an Here are two somewhat contradictory things I can tell you First feted for his striking debut The Return, and Citizenfour chronicles the eight days Edward Snowden spent Two universal themes of yearning — wanting what you First-time summer love is something most people never From its famous, dissonant opening chords, Tosca conjures When the American Film Institute held a survey to find Filmmaker Doug Block 51 Birch Street has been working on Belle is an elegantly assured, emotionally charged After bailing out of her first marriage, Margaret Keane A beast, a beauty, a castle in the snow.

Winter Sleep, the Let it be noted without contention that the crest of the Mythmakers: early literature. Pages Reporters: literature to Tale-tellers: literature to Narrators: literature to Encoders: literature to Barnum , circus entrepreneur. I can't sleep. Who: J. Barrie , author of works including Peter Pan. Is everybody happy? I want everybody to be happy. I know I'm happy. Die, I should say not, dear fellow. No Barrymore would allow such a conventional thing to happen to him.

Who: John Barrymore , an American actor on stage, screen and radio. Now I can cross the Shifting Sands. Who: L. Frank Baum , author of The Wizard of Oz. Are you guys ready? Let's roll. The plane crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Rain had always been a harbinger of tragedy for me. Who: George Beard, an American neurologist who popularized the term neurasthenia. Note: His death occurred during a rainstorm.

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Translation: Bonaparte … the island of Elba … the King of Rome. Translation: I am thinking of earlier times. Who: Ludwig Beck , German general, committing suicide after the failed attempt to kill Hitler, 20 July I am ready to die for my Lord, that in my blood the Church may obtain liberty and peace. Who: Thomas Becket , Archbishop of Canterbury, d.

Now comes the mystery. Who: Henry Ward Beecher , evangelist, d. March 8, Plaudite, amici, comedia finita est. Translation: Applaud, my friends, the comedy is finished. Who: Ludwig van Beethoven , German composer. Note: His final words are subject to historical debate, and vary with many biographies. Among those that have been reported to be his last words are: I shall hear in Heaven.

I feel as if up to now I had written no more than a few notes. There, do you hear the bell? Don't you hear it ringing? The curtain must drop.

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My curtain is falling. Too late. Another biographer has him saying nothing; simply shaking his fists defiantly at the heavens as a thunderstorm raged outside his window. Maybe they only had one rocket? Note: He was taking cover in a bunker after they were hit by a rocket. A second volley destroyed the bunker and Beeter was killed. Note: He was delirious because of high fever and illness. Who: Alexander Graham Bell , a Scottish-born scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator who is credited with patenting the first practical telephone.

Bell indeed died of a heart attack watching an Eagles game that day.

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Just don't leave me alone. Who: John Belushi , an American comedian, actor, and musician. The dogs are in the enclosed pool area. Garage side door is open. Note: This was a text sent to fellow wrestler and longtime friend Chavo Guerrero after Benoit had murdered his wife and children and shortly before he hung himself. How did the Mets do today? Note: The Mets won that day. And where do you come from? Who: Isaiah Berlin , a Latvian-British social and political theorist, philosopher and historian of ideas. Note: To the nurse caring for him.

Hardy, Henry The Isaiah Berlin Virtual Library. Translation: I'll need it. Note: In response as he drove away after he inspected a bullet in his vehicle's wheel and a newspaper man shouted "Good luck!

Translation: This time it will serve me for the voyage from which there is no return, the voyage of eternity. Who: Claude Bernard , a French physiologist.

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Note: Spoken when he began to feel cold and a cover was placed on his feet. Never fear; if you will but have patience I don't doubt we shall get through; but take care how you ever get in such a scrape again. Don't die like I did.