Mending: A Child Abuse Survivors True Story

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Im 56 now, and have had too many tumultuous relationships. I am too broken to relate to most people.

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I have some acquaintances, but no close friends, I am "trying" to have a relationship again, but as usual problems arise from my neurotic and angry episodes, so I withdraw and become aloof again. I'm hoping if I keep referring back to this article it well help me recognize when I'm about to go into another "episode" and how to stop it before I cause more damage to my relationship and friendships. He is 15 years older than me.

Child sexual abuse: 'I sometimes wonder how I managed to survive' - BBC News

I started becoming aware that my abuse was surfacing after I was diagnosed with breast cancer six years ago. Underwent bilateral mastectomy and ovary removal. During this time I could not take any hormone replacements. The spiral kept happening until presently the feelings of anger, fear, resentments come out.

I am married 33 years and due to this issue being brought out I am being diagnosed as Borderline personality disorder. Also, PTSD. This state I am in is very difficult.

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My husband refuses to believe this ever happened. I am a liar. What I go through is very terrifying and nonsensical to others. This article is truly a message to me to find those professionals out in this world who understand this and can help with diagnosing, and not treating me as a patient who looks treatment resistant because the psych drugs don't work. I am frustrated, humiliated, ashamed and am loosing my family. I would appreciate any comments.

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  • I live in California. Thank you. So what's the solution? I've been on a variety of depression meds since my 40s, which helped when I was in the worst moment of life and constantly crying. But they haven't addressed the issue. I've been through too many relationships, very promiscuous. I've fantasized as long as I can remember. I've always been emotionally numb, I find it hard to feel anything for other people's problems.

    I've always been an emotional eater, very easily irritated at myself, others and even something as simple as a bad hair day. I typically feel stressed, and have a lot of anxiety at times, everything seems life or death I cry over little things, sometimes over nothing at all.

    I cry when other people are crying. Confrontation leaves me shutting down, throat tightens, I try to keep from crying in front of the person, determined to avoid them from then on. I cried reading this article, and I'm crying writing this. I wasn't like this until maybe 20, and interestingly around the same time, in a heated argument with my mother, I blurted out the sexual abuse from my uncle.

    Her response wasn't empathetic, like a parent would usually be. Instead she defended herself as if I was accusing her of something rather than trying to finally get a mother's concern. I can't remember my life til after the age of 10, ironically, right after we moved to another state. I remember bits of the last encounter with my uncle. Years later, I spoke with my brother about it, and he said he'd wondered because, even being younger than me, he recalled some odd behavior between me and my uncle on some occasions that I don't remember anything about.

    I didn't really get to a point I could talk about any of this until about 40, which, when talking with a couple aunts, is when I found out I was in an elite class of abused cousins dealing with PTSD and other issues. And blood ran thicker than water. And for the most part, some would blame it the kids or claim we were lying.

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    Those that did know it was happening thought he may have been molested by a neighbor when he was young. In talks with one cousin, I discovered why I behaved in a certain way, because of how he'd molested us, that I still can't remember. Her reaction to it differed from mine but she can remember the details. These lost memories have always left a hole, with therapists saying it might be better not to remember. Better than what? Losing every memory of your dad since every memory under 10 is gone? Every memory of school friends, etc.? After several therapists and talks with family, I've at least began having spurts of happy memories.

    It's better than years of the same nightmare every night. All this was during my parents divorce, which left it's own scars that I didn't realize til in my 40s, when I again had a blowout with my mother and in anger, I asked why she hated me so much. She quickly came back telling me how I'd rebelled at the bus station while she was leaving my dad. For years, she'd held a grudge over an 8 yo throwing a fit over losing her father.

    She'd spent a lifetime ignoring any of my straight A accomplishments while praising everything my brother touched, regardless of him failing school, even going against my privacy in order to to sneak him something of mine he wanted while I was asleep. After the divorce was over, we moved in with my grandparents and mom was quickly with another man, who made passes at me. He never acted on these, but would try to coax me. Three years of this before he got saved and it stopped. When I turned 18, I came to a point of nowhere to go and ended up moving in with my uncle, who was married now.

    I was no longer a child so figured I'd be ok Thankfully my aunt got home early.

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    I pleaded with my parents to pick me up. Mom didn't want to. Thankfully my stepdad talked her into it. I never told them why I begged them to get me until I blurted it all out to mom a couple years later. In the midst of it all, I was born with heart defects and spent my first 5 years in and out of the hospital until they decided it was stable. That stability lasted til I was 11 and had to have open heart surgery.

    The end result has been a basket case. And no one has any solution other than to throw a bandaid of pills at it. Very little hope I'll get any help from these studies. I've been trying to research and help myself for many years. I even have a Master's in Counseling - but sadly realized I can't be my own counselor. Of course, I have no money for therapy and even if I did there is no one qualified to work with my problems locally I tried it with a sliding scale place locally and found that by my third session we spent half of each session reviewing her notes from sessions prior to re-familiarize with who I was and why I was there BUT I thank those who care enough about the abused to study this material and help us.

    Although it may be too late for me to have a normal life I'm 45 now, so yeah , maybe it can help others. I've had a quick scan through and I can personally see connections to my own childhood. Things like verbal memory and dissociative symptoms are spot on. I am undergoing assessment for BPD. I was born 8 weeks prematurely weighed 2lbs. In I wan't expected to live.

    I spent 6 weeks in an oxygen tent with little physical contact.

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    I believe that this, and other issues that arose, like undiagnosed ADHD and attachment disorder, was key. I also suffer Misophonia to the sound of plastic being flexed. He has been treating epileptics and ADHD cases etcetera with many successes. Magnetic resonance imaging-based measurement of hippocampal volume in posttraumatic stress disorder related to childhood physical and sexual abuse—a preliminary report. Biological Psychiatry. Stein MB.

    Hippocampal volume in women victimized by childhood sexual abuse. Psychology Medicine.

    You're going to be okay: healing from childhood trauma - Katy Pasquariello - [email protected]

    Evoked potential evidence for right brain activity during the recall of traumatic memories. Sunday, October 01, Effects on the Hippocampus The hippocampus, located in the temporal lobe, is involved in memory and emotion. Shifting from Left to Right The left hemisphere is specialized for perceiving and expressing language, the right hemisphere for processing spatial information and also for processing and expressing negative emotions.