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It sure makes for exciting riding and it is really hard not to route for him. I do think he should have a chat with Chainsaw and Ratboy though You can smash a season by riding like that but I wonder if they both still think it is worth it? I suggest we make a straight trade with the U. Bieber for GWIN!

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The guy is all class. Pikasam Apr 10, at Not the first time he's crashed at the pointy end, and probably won't be the last. Kid's a huge talent though, when he stays upright everyone's in trouble. Kpg Apr 10, at Aksel31 Apr 10, at No matter what people can say, Gwin is a true Gentleman. Aaron Gwin is the Tobey Maguire of downhill. What a race. Was jumping up and down during Stevies run. Excellent coverage, nice camera work.


Cant wait for the next. Stoked for GWin- raced smart - hey anyone can let go of their brakes and go fast - good luck actually making it down the coarse though. He's Canadian but chooses to live in america and be a total Douchebag. Gruta Apr 10, at Rex-Smith Apr 10, at Below Threshold show comment. GabrielDugas : A good majority of people want Trump because he actually has the balls to get rid of all the shit people that are in America, countries is becoming a butt-hurt welfare ran shit-stain, all these illegal low lives need to get out and be sent back to where ever they came from.

Rex-Smith : Preach! Rex-Smith : America is a country founded on immigration, don't forget that. True racing wisdom here. Shoulda, woulda, coulda But at the end of the day, it's whoever had the fastest time.

Clocks don't lie. I really love and respect Loic and dang he's fast. Such a humble and smart kid. There's something to be said though about racing at "Gwin" speeds and staying on your bike and within you're limits. If you're only able to do so while being on the edge, you're not as great of a rider, imo. Not saying this typifies Loic, but I think it does at times. Over the long run, the riders who are super fast, while staying within their limits, come out on top.

Very true. Get Some!!!! SlodownU Apr 10, at Below Threshold show comment. I'm voting Chuck Norris.

funny 4 yr old telling mommy to go to time out.

SlodownU :Washington in general is a scam.. We need a complete system dump and redesign. Also accountability for actions.. Ddowmtb : could compare to the current Dungey vs. Roczen battles too. Not opposed to feeling bad for Bruni, but this is a race to the bottom, not to the middle.

Like all races you have to pace yourself. Maybe Bruni's pace was too much to handle for the full race. And I'm not taking anything away from his effort. He was killing it, and I was excited to see him dominate.

Mommy Virginia travelled to Montpellier with her son Loïc and... her Ergobaby Omni 360!

But no matter what, he wasn't the fastest to the bottom. Congratulations to Gwin. I bet Hart in 3rd messed up a lot of people's predictions for that fantasy contest. America finally gets a fast world cup downhill racer to bad he has the demeanor of Ben Carson.

Finally one that fits! Gutted for Bruni! Was jumping up and down watching that run, nooooooo. AgrAde : gwin ride the only time where you can stay in sadle!

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Although for Trump Do any teams have folks on the sidelines that can let a rider know he's up 2 seconds? I am surprised there isn't a way to let a racer know. I'm American; why am i rooting against Gwin who left a major team for a small-ish company??? I should be all about Gwin but I spent Bruni's run screaming at the TV wishing for him to crush my brethren. GeorgeHardesty : J'suis Bruni. Or are you saying they should? Andyboom Apr 11, at GabrielDugas : trust me I know, I live here.

If Trump wins I'm leaving this country. Andyboom : I doubt you would. Andyboom : if trump is elected we will all line up to assassinate that bigoted scumbag. Andyboom Apr 12, at I lived in France for 3 years, it would be an easy move bud. Takeshi Apr 12, at Forces the riders to gamble and balance on the edge between keeping rubber side down and going like absolute nutter. Bruni gambled and went for it but it ended in Gwin's favor. Lewis-pick Apr 10, at That's actually mental winning his first ever WC! LulikZ Apr 10, at Fin smashed it.

But So did Matt Walker in second. Also his fist WC!

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Matt was too fast for the light gates to record his speed. Don't forget nik nestoroff in 3rd! His first wife too. Thustlewhumber Apr 10, at Jadon-ceravolo Apr 10, at I believe that was his first WC. Jadon-ceravolo :. Gilmarques Apr 10, at Great job Finn! And Stevie! Awesome results!! Jim-laden Apr 10, at I would be very happy if redbull would show at least the top 10 Juniors. They are the future of the sport and it would also help them get more exposure for sponsors what translates to more support The take away I have after this race is first congrats Gwin,,, and second how diverse the field is this season.

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I mean if you miss one turn its all over. The compition is at epic levels and we can enjoy a rollercoaster season. Anyone know what happened to that Kevin Marry as he was up at each split until the last one and DNF'd. Aaron Gwin Pure class with that post race interview. Incredible racer, incredible personality. MaxAlary Apr 10, at I have to agree with that. Even though it comes out as bland and boring some times you can't argue with the riding this guy can acheive. And you're right he's always a good sport not letting all the success getting to his head. And anyway, he was dominating so much that it must be incredibly motivating for him seeing he's gonna have to race for real this time.

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  • Mommy Virginia travelled to Montpellier with her son Loïc and... her Ergobaby Omni 360!!

I was just as impressed with Loic's interview.