Triumph at Kapyong: Canada’s Pivotal Battle in Korea

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Was Louis Riel insane in ? How did theological liberalism become prevalent in the mainline Protestant churches? What led to the rise of ultramontanism in Quebec? How successful was the movement? How did family life in Canada change during the period of industrialization? Sources for Toggle Dropdown How did the suffragist movement in Canada succeed in getting the vote for women?

Was Prohibition a success?

Heroes of the Forgotten War: The Battle of Kapyong

How did Canada develop full independence from Britain in foreign policy matters? Did the policies of the government help Canada get out of the Great Depression or make things worse? Was joining Canada beneficial for Newfoundland? To what extent did Maurice Duplessis premier of Quebec in the s, s, and s cooperate with the Catholic Church?

Snapshots in History: April 24: Remembering the Battle of Kapyong

Was Canada socially conservative in the s? I chose to acknowledge veterans of a forgotten war for a forgotten principle. At the branch, that night, was friend and veteran Bud Doucette. I recognized him and those other Canadian volunteers who fought in the Korean War to uphold the peace charter of the United Nations.

Another federal election date is just four days away.

Coincidentally, a wartime anniversary also falls on this week. And it should probably resonate with Canadians who consider voting an extraordinary privilege.

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But I would challenge even the most knowledgeable history buff to come up with either the name of the battle or its importance. And yet, the Canadians held on — taking and retaking dugout positions, fighting hand-to-hand through three days and nights and even bringing deadly fire of their own artillery down on their ranks to push their enemies back. Ultimately, the hill did not fall.

The capital city, Seoul, South Korea, just kilometres away did not fall. My own research of this remarkable piece of Canadiana revealed some unexpected heroes. is available for purchase -

It drives off the Chinese offensive and oddly earned his superior officer the Military Cross. Maybe it was the numbers. But perhaps those casualties pale next to Vimy 3, , Dieppe 3, or Afghanistan Maybe it was a time when Canada was tired of war.

Maybe it was too far away for reporters, historians or the public to care. It was a noble cause and … these were selfless Canadians.