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I have seen it but it is not that easy and the kids who use it must now all the alphbet before using it?

High-Frequency Word Books

I want to teach my students phonics and reading, would you please advice me? Hi Shaya, Reading the Alphabet is very good, but it is designed for kids who speak English, not for a second language preschool like yours. I can see that it would be too difficult and move at too rapid a pace for your purposes. I do think it is helpful if kids know all or most of the alphabet before using it.

For your students I would first focus on learning the letters and their sounds in fun ways. You can also start with a VERY simple sight word vocabulary. I did email you a link to the Dolch sight word lists which you can start with. Thank you for sharing your Emergent Readers! I am a Kindergarten teacher and happened to stumble across them while on my summer break, and will love utilizing them this coming school year. I would love to put these out for my girls to grab and read during silent reading.

Do you have any ideas how to store these? How about a giant index card box or a photo box? You could put them in on their sides if necessary and use dividers to divide the sets. Thank you so much for sharing these!

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My special needs son will be 8 in December, and is at a pre-k reading level, so these will be perfect… I just starting to homeschool as the program s were not meeting his needs. Finding resources like yours are making this adventure much more enjoyable and will greatly help us succeed! Thanks, again! She has lots of freebies too, mostly literacy related. I LOVE these!!! Thank you so very much for sharing, they are awesome!

Not to mention the time and effort you took to make them. Thanks again!!!! Thank you so much, Jess — I love to see people using these! Thank you SO much for providing so many wonderful and useful resources to parents and preschool teachers! It is VERY appreciated! I am having trouble downloading the sight word books. I do not see the green downlaod here area. What am I doing wrong? This page gives you an overview of all my sets. A sample page and the new sight word are displayed on each image. If you click on an image you will get to the post which tells about the books.

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the post to get the pdf.

Sight Word Books

Hope this helps! Oh, fabulous, Rebecca! My only question is this—is there a way to print and make these books work without double-sided printing? Forgive me if this question has already been asked. Hi Emily!


They are designed to work double sided. You could always print the even pages page 1 is my Terms of Use and then reinsert into your printer and print the odd pages beginning with page 4. That will be quite time-consuming, though! These little books are amazing. Thank you soooooo much. Thank you, Cynthia — your comment really brightened my day! I love these! Thank you so much for creating them, and for sharing them! My kindergartners are loving them, and they can really read them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Hurray, Melissa! Some of the middle sets accelerate a little quickly. In the new year I plan to adjust them still offering the more challenging versions so they go at a more reasonable pace. And I do plan to offer more sets in the future. These are great! I just started going through Reading the Alphabet with my almost 4 year old and 2. Little brother always wants to do what big brother is doing. It is perfect because my little guy can learn his letters and sounds wile big brother can learn the beginner reading. These readers with be a perfect addition to our homeschool preschool.

We will be starting our first word family lessons next week so I will definitely be coming back to your page. Thanks for sharing all your hard work! Thanks so much for writing. Just to say I love the content on your page. My youngest has just started Standard 1, we live in Francistown Botswana Africa. My daughter enjoys all the worksheets I print for and since she has started reading I have printed the sight word readers for her.

Come back to this page if you want to find a link to a new set. I really love your books and all the things you propose! I have a question: why do you use lowercase letters instead of capital letters for little children?

You can read an edited extract from the book below.

Hello, Marina! I think for very young children 18 months — 2 years , capital letters are best to start with when teaching them to recognize letters. Thank you Anna for your awesome blog and for your creative ideas. Hi Noraan! I think for preschool it would be best to do these in order.

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You will probably find that some of them are ready to move more quickly than others.